The Third Workshop
The Third Workshop is a studio space for people of all ages to play, explore, and learn about technology.





COSMO   Artificial Intelligence


Quick Tap
Both you and Cozmo need your own cube to play. When you're cube is flashing, tap it to begin the game. When the colors on both cubes match, the first player to tap their cube gets a point. Only tap when colors match. Careful though, never tap on red!

Life With Cosmo



No current challenge.



No current challenge.




Code Lab
Cozmo's big brain and even bigger personality are operated by wildly sophisticated robotic and AI systems. Code Lab gives you unprecedented access to Cozmo’s core functionality. Simply drag and drop a few blocks and you’ll see Cozmo act out your creation. With Code Lab, there are no limits to what you can create. All it takes is imagination.

Cosmo Code Lab


Cosmo SDK
Designing a successful robotics platform takes careful consideration of a multitude of factors. These include not only the hardware and software features, but also the way in which users will interact and utilize the platform.

We’ve crafted the Cozmo SDK to give users like you unprecedented access to robotics in a highly versatile package. It’s powerful but easy to use, complex but not complicated, and can be used in industries ranging from entertainment to academia.

Cosmo SDK
Anki Cosmo Python SDK