The Third Workshop
The Third Workshop is a studio space for people of all ages to play, explore, and learn about technology.

Mentors FAQ

Mentors FAQ


Are there other ways to help out?

Sure! For example: I've got an assistant, Caspar, who will be helping out troubleshooting (and fixing) any IT issues that may crop up. He was instrumental in helping set up the workshop - if you wonder how and why there are no cables and wires running along the floor, he's the person to ask!

If you are interested in helping out here, please see me in person, and we'll talk about it!

...and what would I get for being a mentor (or other assistant)?

To keep costs down, for now, there are no paid employees here at The Workshop. However, there are a few benefits I can offer to those helping out around here. Older assistants and Mentors will have access to the space 24/7, with special versions of the key card used to get into the space.

Being a mentor is also an excellent way to kickstart a teaching profession, including being an effective tutor. You will also be amazed at how much you learn from mentoring someone! I'm also happy to write recommendation letters for active mentors and assistants.

What is a "mentor?"

I hope that everyone who participates here will feel like a mentor to at least one other person. However, there will be some people who may have lots of knowledge in certain areas (e.g. programming, building robots, etc.), and I'll ask those folks if they would like to be a "mentor."

Being a mentor means being available for questions, as well as being asked to help someone out, whenever you are here.

Great! Sign me up!

There isn't a signup for being an assistant or mentor, but there is a checkbox on the application if you are interested. During the chat with your parents, we can talk about the responsibilities of being a mentor, the advantages, etc. Hopefully you will grow to be a mentor if you don't quite have the necessary skill set right away - my goal is for everyone to eventually become a mentor!