The Third Workshop
The Third Workshop is a studio space for people of all ages to play, explore, and learn about technology.

Parents FAQ

Parents FAQ


...then it's a really cheap babysitter! Right??

Definitely not. I am not providing classes / bootcamps / solo-person tutoring / etc.

Instead, I provide: a space to play, tons of stuff to experiment with, guidance, challenges, and other resources - for the most part, I am just another resource that's available, not an individual tutor or school teacher.

If someone is sitting in the corner, on their phone, and not participating, then I'll ask them (and their parents, if applicable) to reconsider being here - there are always people on the wait-list, and I'd like to make this place available to people who are going to fully utilize it!

...and who are you (Glenn Sugden)?

Another somewhat lazy answer, my (detailed) resume, is on LinkedIn.

Is the place safe?

It is a top priority here. I have had CPR training, and there are multiple medical offices within this building (The Plaza).

There are (privately and remotely accessed) internal webcams in The Workshop, as well as the building's security cameras that are all running 24/7. These cameras can be accessed by a private link, and will be made available to parents on the website soon. Appropriate safety precautions will be taken if we work on anything that requires it (e.g. soldering safety). And, of course, the business itself is also insured.

OK, well then, what does my child get out of this?

They get a safe place to play, explore, take risks, make mistakes, and turn failures into successes in a supportive, and educational environment. Nowadays, in terms of learning new skills, there seems to be a lot of risk aversion. The Workshop will let them learn about new technologies without being graded or assessed. They can try new things, experiment, get their hands dirty, explore ... and really learn without the threat of "a bad grade."

Additionally, this kind of opportunity also looks great on a college or job application - I'm happy to write recommendation letters for active participants.

How much does it cost?

Participation at The Third Workshop is FREE for members. Annual operating expenses for the workshop are supported by contributions made to our GoFundMe site and are greatly appreciated. Any funds raised in excess of the annual operating expenses will be applied towards the purchase of new hardware and software for members to experience and learn.

..hang on, there's an interview? And a waitlist??

Unfortunately, yes, there are both an interview, and a wait-list. There has been a lot of interest in this opportunity, which is awesome, but it also means that there needs to be some evaluation ahead of time to determine how actively involved a participant will be. There is a finite amount of space, time, equipment, energy, etc. here at the Workshop, so I will be packing the place with self-motivated, actively engaged, helpful team-players to create a productive environment that is fair (and fun!) for everyone involved.