The Third Workshop
The Third Workshop is a studio space for people of all ages to play, explore, and learn about technology.


Rules & FAQs


1. No Food or Drinks*

* Waterbottles with tops (closed) are OK.

2. Minimize Noise Levels

This building is occupied 24/7, and we have neighbors on both sides, as well as the below us. I've made the room as soundproof as I can, but we still need to keep the noise down in here.

3. We're Open Anytime Glenn or a Mentor Is Here

The Workshop is open to all Creators from Wednesday through Sunday, from 10am until 6pm. Mentors have 24/7 access. However, if a Mentor or I are working in here during the "off" times, Creators are free to work in here, but we will be focused on our own projects. You are free to ask us questions, but we won't be actively involved in what you are working on (like we are during "open" hours).

4. Put Stuff Away

If you aren't in the middle of a project, please put stuff back the way you found it, so that others can use it, too. Even if you are in the middle of something, consider putting it away if you aren't planning on being here for awhile. I'd like to keep as much available to as many people as possible!

5. Gaming is: After Learning, After Hours, and Only If Everyone Agrees

We don't play any games in here until after we "close." Even then, only after everyone has been working in here for at least an hour (i.e. no dropping in at 5:55pm just to game). Moreover, whoever pays for your time here, must also be OK paying for your gaming time. However, if someone is working on something, and doesn't want to be distracted, we will save the gaming for another day (when everyone agrees to it).

6. Checking In and Out

Creators check in when they arrive, and then check out when they leave - this includes if you are gaming in here "after hours." No Exceptions.

7. Borrowing Stuff

You may borrow stuff from The Workshop if you let me (Glenn) know about it. I will log and keep track of it - you are fully responsible for it being returned in working order.

8. Don't Hack ANY Server (unless you ask Glenn first)

We can learn (the good, ethical kind of) hacking here, but I ask that you talk to me before hacking on any computers (or networks), especially here at The Workshop.