The Third Workshop
The Third Workshop is a studio space for people of all ages to play, explore, and learn about technology.

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Become a Member


Learning The Fun Way

At The Third Workshop, we don’t do “classes” or “formal assignments.” We learn through playing. Participants enrolled in The Third Worksop have access to a wide range of computers and hi-tech learning toys and tools. We believe the more fun participants are having with computer science, the more they are likely to learn.



The Third Workshop is designed for participants 8 years old and is entirely FREE for members. Operating expenses for the workshop are supported by contributions made to our GoFundMe site.

Application for membership to The Third Workshop requires an in-person interview to determine how good a fit this unique learning environment will be for each applicant.

Aside from abiding by The Third Workshop rules of respectful interaction, the only other fixed requirement for membership is active participation in our “learning journal” exercises. This program requires members to spend a few minutes each visit journaling about their learning experiences and personal discoveries in the creative tech workshop environment. We believe internalizing, and self-reflecting on their experiences with the technology in the workshop supports enduring 21st-century learning for each of our members.

Members with a particular interest in journaling may want to contribute to The Third Workshop BLOG.

Ready to dive in?

Fill out our quick application.

What happens next?

Once submitted, your application will be seen immediately by Glenn, the founder of The Third Workshop, though it may take a short while before you receive a reply – applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. The next step will be an interview, in person, to determine how good of a fit this environment would be for the participant.

We look forward to playing and learning with you at The Third Workshop!